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Stormy Weather. Rough Seas. True Friendship. Unreal Experiences. The Story Of My Life.

THE OCEAN WORKER is an adventurous seeker privileged to explore the world and see things people only dream of. Sailing from one harbour to another, you’ll never know what the journey will bring. Endless freedom is a great way of living.

Many of the most beautiful cities around the world are placed close to the water, and the ocean has for a long time been the lifeline for many people and cities. Small fishing villages have grown to become large, lively cities providing millions of people with necessities of all kinds.

Everyday people work hard on the ocean and in harbours to deliver goods to you and me. All true ocean workers around the globe have their own unique stories. They’ve been through stormy weather and sunny days. Sad goodbyes and awaited reunions. We have been inspired by their stories when designing our comfortable and high quality garment with great fit and feel to trust and wear. To love and tear.

Now, let us take you on a memorable journey, meeting new people and old friends, visiting interesting places and everlasting harbours. Hopefully this will bring you inspiration and experience. A spirit of adventure. Something you need to become a true ocean worker.